Monthly Archives: October 2013

Devotional #3

Any quilters out there? well I love to quilt, it’s one of my hobbies.ย  And one of the things that I’ve learned is that it takes a lot of practice, patience, and preciseness. If your seems are even a quarter of an inch off it could make the quilt smaller or bigger than you wanted it to be. And I’ve learned that I can apply that to life too. One word can make a big difference in someone’s life. I like to use the TH.I.N.K. method.

T: is it true

H: is it helpful

I: is it inspiring

N: is it nice

K: is it kind

So think before you speak, or text, or tweet. Here’s a video that is really cool and says some of that stuff too. Hope you like it and check out my new page!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Prayer is a really important thing in life. Whenever we struggle or have some problem, we can always go to God in prayer and ask for His help. He will always be available for us, no matter what. Here’s a song by AJ Michalka (yes, she was in Grace Unplugged) called desert song, she didn’t write it but I love her version of the song, I’ve been singing it like crazy! Hope you like it!

Exercising Tip #2

Hey here’s another exercising tip for you guys. Actually it’s more like tips because it’s more than one so here they are:

  • Walk, bike or skate to and from school, if that’s an option(I’m home schooled so I already do that)
  • Ask your parents if you can go to the gym with them or if there’s a local community center where you can exercise
  • If you hang out at the mall or local shopping center, walk around rather than staying in one spot or eating junk at the food court
  • Create a new routine where you walk, inline skate or run every day when you get home from school or before dinner. If you don’t want to exercise outside by yourself, ask your friends or a family member to go with you or use an exercise video in your own bedroom
  • Do some chores. Raking leaves or sweeping the driveway can actually burn calories while making your parents happy
  • Take the dog for a long walk(you have to have a dog to do this one)

I got all of these from if you want to check it out. Have fun!!