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Aquire The Fire – Epic Truth

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“Acquire the Fire” is a 27 hour life transforming event built around bringing volume and clarity to God’s voice in the lives of teenagers. For more than two decades ATF has delivered the Gospel to young people in an immersive, entertaining, unique and powerful way. I bought my first worship albums by Aquire The Fire, “Stand Up And Surrender” (1999) and “Live God Loud” (2000), at “”. I would like to introduce ATF’s latest album, “Epic Truth”, released 2013. My favorite song on this album is, “Everything Must Go”. Listen to Epic Truth on or Spotify. Download this album from iTunes. EPIC TRUTH IS MY HUNDREDTH ALBUM AT PFENSI MUSIC BLOG WITH ONE YEAR CELEBRATION SOON.


Acquire the Fire – God Victorious:

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Hey, guys!

Hey, guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I kept forgetting! I still haven’t been able to get the music videos to work on my computer yet so…I don’t know about it yet. But I just want to say thank you guys for all of your support, you guys are a big blessing! And happy President’s Day!

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I say Yes! to Jesus, will you? 😉

Wonderful Words


Saying yes to Jesus is one of those things, when you say it you gotta mean it! You have to be prepared to give your all to him and him only, you have to be prepared to carry your own cross. You have to know that when you say ”Yes!” to Jesus you’re saying ”no” to comfort. As humans we want to live safe and comfortable lives, but God wants us to get out of our ”comfort zone”.

Will you follow Jesus wherever? Will you do what God wants you to do? What if it’s out of your ”comfort zone”? Well, the thing is, if you want to be completely committed to living your life for God, you gotta get out there and do what God wants you to do! Even if it will be out of your comfort. Just think about it! It’s completely worth it! Jesus died on…

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