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New posts!!!

So I just had this random idea last night and thought I’d give it a try! Please comment and let me know if you like it or don’t like it! It’s called the #! Today’s is#STRONG. I kind of got stuck on food…next one will be better! 🙂




Red onions



Green smoothie


It goes up and down, it’s a little confusing…. 😦


Just A Few Rambling Thoughts and A Gut-Punch (Hopefully)

So true! 🙂

Proverbs 31 Teen

Please share this post! I’d love for this to reach as many people as possible and to hopefully motivate them to share with others.

Interesting title, isn’t it? 😀

Last Wednesday, in my small group, one of the girls was talking about a skit she’d seen at a church camp a few years ago. Basically (and this is probably not going to be the best description, sorry) there were two guys talking to each other, and one of them said “I found the cure for cancer!” And the other guy said, “Really? That’s awesome, let’s go tell people about it!” And the first guy said “Well, you know, I’m not so sure, I mean, I’m so small, and young, and insignificant…” etc, etc, etc.

You and I are that first guy.

We have the cure for cancer.

Well, not for cancer, exactly. We have the cure that can save people…

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Why can’t we be friends in real life?

So almost everybody has some sort of social media, weather it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever it is! Or maybe its a BLOG! But what I’m talking about is mainly about Facebook, so I don’t have one but that doesn’t matter. Okay so I keep hearing people talking about how many friends on Facebook or Twitter they have! Why can’t we be friends in real life? Now I’m not saying its bad to have people who follow you or are your ‘friends’ on social media! But take a minute and think about how many friends you have in ‘real’ life! Now think about how much fun you could have with them, instead of being on Twitter or Facebook! This week try to focus more on your ‘real’ friends than on your electronic devices! Enjoy friendship! Work on your social life instead of social media! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Mandie ❤

Kale and Brave

So they may sound like a weird  mix (and they are), but this was my evening! First for dinner I got to try Kale (baby kale, to be specific), and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was actually really tasty! And we just finished watching Brave, for the second time! So here is what i would like you to do, comment down below a vegetable that you like, and if you have seen Brave! Thanks! 🙂

Mandie ❤