I’m back!!!!

Hey, guys! I am so glad to be able to get you guys all caught up on whats been going on lately! So just yesterday I got back from visiting family in Ohio. On the way there we stopped at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky, here are some pictures. By the way I’m not a photographer…

2014 123

2014 118

Do you see the rainbow? Awesome right? It was so beautiful and made me thank God for His amazing creation. And here are some from our hike in the woods, and we didn’t get lost!

2014 125

Can you find the deer? (Sorry it’s so fuzzy)

2014 126

what about the frog? (look at the gray speck in the middle!)

We also stopped on the way at a resting/overlook area and here are some pictures that I took!

2014 104

2014 1022014 097

2014 101

2014 108

The sky was sooo blue! and the weather was so nice, especially in the morning! We also stopped at the creation museum in Kentucky. It was so amazing! Me and my mom went on the zip line together! I can’t wait to go again!

We got to Ohio safely, and had lots of fun playing, and making videos with our cousin. Love you Sid! ❤ One of the days we went to the golfing range and swung at some balls, I did okay, I’ll put it that way. But it was still fun. after that (on the same day) we went bowling! and we got to go swimming twice while we were there! Let’s just say the water was cooler than it is down here! But I didn’t care I went in anyway! hehehe 😉

On the way back we stopped in Dallas and had lunch with our Uncle. MMMMMMM barbeque!

And when we got back home we picked up our dog, Daisy, form Pets Mart,(we boarded her in the Pet Hotel), and let’s just say she was a little excited! But she is still sleeping…

And last but not least, I know you’re probably wondering how long my trip was, because I haven’t posted since the beginning of June. Sorry I didn’t let you guys know first, but I decided I needed to take a break from my computer for a while because I hadn’t been spending enough time with God lately. So I took 20 days off of my computer. So I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much…LOL! Thanks for sticking with me!






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