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Church “Camp”!

Hey yall! I just got back from a youth “camp”! I had such a great time and just wanted to recap the weekend for you guys. I am hoping to be doing more of these update posts. So it all got kicked off on Friday at 6:00pm, that is when the sign-in started. We ate dinner, burgers thanks to my friends dad. Then we found our groups, which we called tribes, and sat with them during worship.Down below are some of the songs that were and still are my favorites from this weekend.

Let me explain why I put camp in quotations and also why we called the groups tribes. The name of the “camp” was Global Impact and the theme was Messenger. Basically what we were learning about was how to be a messenger for the Lord. We based our study around Nepal, and did some fun games with themes of Nepal. And now you know the reasons for us being in tribes. I was in the Urdu tribe.

Anyway that night at like 10:00pm they had us play a game where we were pretending to be in an airport, and there were real officers and such. It was pretty much to see how patient we would be in an actual airport flying over seas. My tribe didn’t win, mostly because the boys kept getting arrested….on purpose. That game took 2 hours or more, so it was 12:00pm or so when we got to our rooms.

Then on Saturday we ate breakfast and then had morning worship, and a small lesson. Then we played a game to see who had to do chores. One person from each tribe went up on stage and had to crack an egg on their head. The catch: some were hard boiled others were not. The people that got the hard boiled eggs, their tribes didn’t have to do chores that da. My team got hard boiled! 🙂 We had to clean the bathroom the day before.

Next we ate lunch and then the chairs were set up in rows of three. All the tribes sat together. (There were 10 tribes by the way). That was to represent an airplane. While each of the tribes waited to exit the “plane” we watched videos on the big screen, including When will my life begin from Tangled, and also a sing along version of Let it Go form Frozen! It was funny to watch the boys who knew all the words. When my tribe finally got called, we entered Nepal. The adults were all dressed up and were acting it all out, with no script or anything! They did a fabulous job! We first got an introduction, and then we went to the bank to get our rupies so that we would be able to buy things in the market place. That’s where we went next, the market place. We bought the required items, notebook, sunglasses, and chap stick. Then we traveled back inside and waited for the other tribes to get back. After that we had small groups and the a break for 30 minutes. Next was dinner then more worship, and another lesson. That night we were supposed to sleep outside, and also have a bonfire, but it started pouring outside in the middle of worship so  it got canceled. We played dodge ball instead, my tribe and I won the first round, but the second round we didn’t. After that it was already 12:00pm  so we finally got some sleep.

And then this morning we woke up and packed everything, cleaned up our sleeping quarters, and ate breakfast before the service started. Then we went to normal youth the first service, and second service we were with the adults. After that I finally got to go home! And here I am after a long two and a half days! Sorry that this was so long! 😉