Happy New Year! I know you guys have probably been wondering where I have been! Okay you probably weren’t, but in case you were I’ll explain. First I want to apologize for not posting since November, or so. Anyway my family and I didn’t get to travel over Thanksgiving break, so we did it all in December. We went to my mom’s side of the family, who live in Ohio, for 7 days. When we got back we had 2 days until Christmas. 3 days after Christmas we went to my dad’s family in Lamesa, which I have mentioned before, and we came back on the 30. We had to leave then rather than staying for New Years because of the weather. And it turned out it was a good thing that we did, because they are currently in an ice storm, with the power out. Today I started school again, and I’m already finished! I’m homeschooled for those who don’t know.

My main goal for the New Year is to post more often and keep up with it! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s day! Love you all!

❤ Mandie

P.S. I’m about to update the Potato page, Mandie’s art and video pages so be sure to check them out! 🙂

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