Paralyzed Dreams Book Tour!!!!!!!!!


Hi, everyone! Mandie here! I’m so honored to be a part of this virtual book tour! So I hope you enjoy this post!


If you’ve read Paralyzed Dreams, you might have thought that I based Jeremy off of my youth leaders, past or present.

Actually… I didn’t.

In fact, I conjured Jeremy up in my own mind. His personality, at least. But his looks? And his name? Those aren’t exactly original…


Yes, that’s right. I based Jeremy Harper off of Jeremy Camp.

Hopefully I didn’t just completely crush your mental picture of Jeremy. If you haven’t read Paralyzed Dreams, maybe you should… Several people have posted some awesomely sweet reviews, like Aberdeen at A Glimpse of Starlight and Sarah at Sarah, Plain And Average (Be warned: spoilers in Sarah’s review!). I recommend that you check them out, along with the other posts in the book tour, of course.

And some wise quotes from Jeremy! Feel free to share them, too…

jeremyquote2 copy





About the book

Fourteen-year-old Pam Wilson’s life is going perfectly. She and her best friend, Lauren, are becoming an amazing volleyball duo, and her dreams of playing in the Olympics are coming along wonderfully.

Then a car accident paralyzes Pam from the waist down, and her dreams for her life are shattered. No more volleyball, no more walking, no more future.





About the author

C.B. Cook is a teen author with many short stories under her belt, and now a published novella, Paralyzed Dreams. She has been blogging for over a year and is working on writing a middle grade fantasy series. When she’s not balancing homework or writing, she can often be found messing around in Photoshop or talking to her dog. You can visit her at


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