Monthly Archives: May 2015

Music Monday!

I love this song! My dad let me listen to his Cd and I loved it! Thanks dad! ❤ Do ya’ll like the Newsboys? Comment down below your favorite singer or band, and maybe I’ll post one of there songs! I’ll give you a shout out too!

K-LOVE Fan Awards!

Don’t forget to vote for the K-LOVE Fan Awards! The voting has already begun! Click the link below to vote.


‘With every 500,000 votes (up to 2,000,000 total) the hands and feet project commits to building a family-style home, caring for up to 8 orphaned or abandoned children.’

Here are two songs that are for the K-LOVE Fan Awards, ‘hope can change everything’ and the songs of the year mash up! Enjoy! ❤