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Elevate Arizona 2015!

Hey yall! So I’m not completely sure if I mentioned this or not, but my 16th birthday was in May! No I don’t have my license yet, but I do have my permit! I just thought that I’d go ahead and answer that question for you. Anyway one of my presents that I got, and the best one other than my birthday party, was getting to go to the three day Elevate Arizona Festival/Concert! I was AMAZING!!! The first day my dad and I got the VIP tickets to take pictures with Thrid day and I am they! All of the people there on the first night were, I Am They, Moriah Peters, Shawn Groves, Plumb, and Third day ending it off. I also got to take a picture with Moriah Peters and got her to sign my shirt.

The second night there were Johnny Diaz, The Afters, Josh Wilson, Brandon Heath, and Matthew West. I had a headache from the lights that night so we had to leave right before Matthew West, but on the way back to the hotel we listened to his new Cd! And the last night there were Mikeschair, JJ Heller, Matt Mahr, Colton Dixon, and Steven Curtis Chapman! I had so much fun at the festival, but was glad to come back home. We also went to a museum, and went hiking at the Red Rock National park in Sedona! Oh and I got to see Iniside out, too!

Thank you all for letting me ramble on! Love you guys! ❤ Mandie