Monthly Archives: July 2016

Life Update!

HELLO!!! I thought I’d give yall an update on what has been going on lately. Last week I didn’t post because we were visiting family and I didn’t bring my computer with me.

In other news…(wow, I like the sound of that) on July 7 I started a challenge for myself and I will continue it until July 7 2017! A whole year! And the date sounds fun too! 7-7-17 πŸ˜€ the challenge is to only drink water and milk for a whole year. The reason I didn’t choose to drink just water is because I prefer to drink milk for breakfast; and plus milk is good for you too! So yeah, that is what I will be doing this next year.

I’ve also decided to start making monthly challenges for my self to follow. Each month I will think of a challenge that I can do for a month. It could be a workout challenge, a spiritual challenge, or some kind of fun challenge. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments. Don’t worry everyone, I will have lots of posts for you! Good bye!

Celebrating Life,