Life Update!


HELLO!!! I thought I’d give yall an update on what has been going on lately. Last week I didn’t post because we were visiting family and I didn’t bring my computer with me.

In other news…(wow, I like the sound of that) on July 7 I started a challenge for myself and I will continue it until July 7 2017! A whole year! And the date sounds fun too! 7-7-17 😀 the challenge is to only drink water and milk for a whole year. The reason I didn’t choose to drink just water is because I prefer to drink milk for breakfast; and plus milk is good for you too! So yeah, that is what I will be doing this next year.

I’ve also decided to start making monthly challenges for my self to follow. Each month I will think of a challenge that I can do for a month. It could be a workout challenge, a spiritual challenge, or some kind of fun challenge. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments. Don’t worry everyone, I will have lots of posts for you! Good bye!

Celebrating Life,



About afcrocks99

I love Jesus. I live for Jesus. He is my King. He is my One True Love. If any of this has offended you, then you might not enjoy my blog, but I'd love for you to stop by! I openly share my faith in Christ, my relationships with others and my passion for music with everyone who should fall across my blog. I want to lift people up and encourage everyone, not just fellow believers. I believe we should Love God, and Love Others, and that is what I strive to do in my daily life. My life verse is Psalm 118:24, and I want to live fully for Jesus everyday of my life. I will praise Him all my days! So join me as I journey through this crazy life seeking to live for Christ. <3 Mandie

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