You Are…(Post series continued)

Here is a message for all girls.

Look in the mirror and who do I see? I see a girl who I don’t want to be. We look at each other and what do we think? I wish I could be like that, in just one wink. Why do we think like this? What do we do? How can we see ourselves just like You do?

Girl I the mirror, please go away. I don’t want to see you not one more day. Lord help me to see me just like you do. You view me a silver and even gold. I don’t want to fit into the mold. I want to break free. I want to be me. You are priceless. More precious than gold. Embrace who you are. And never let go.

I do not own the song or lyric video. All credit goes to For King and Country and producers. 🙂


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