3 Day Quote Challenge/Literature (Day 3)

Official Rules ~

// Thank the person who nominated you!

// Post a new quote, everyday, for three (3) consecutive days!

// Nominate three (3) new bloggers everyday!

*sniff sniff* This is the last day of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. 😀 Thanks again katiescottagebooks for the nomination. Now for the last quote of the challenge. I saved the best for last! Twinepathy is written by my sister C.B.Cook!

Day 3 Quote: “I’m your friend, and friends don’t let friends die.” -C.B. Cook, Twinepathy, IDIA 1

The last 3 bloggers I nominate are…



the world of the writer This is my sister’s blog! Check out her awesome writings/books! 🙂

Hope y’all enjoy this challenge! Thank you for reading everyday! ❤ Mandie


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