Dear Person…

Dear person in the car behind me wanting to turn right when I was going straight. I’m sorry. I should have gotten in the middle lane, I hope your day was fine.

Dear person bicycling on the road, please don’t scare me next time. And I hope you find a helmet to wear before something happens…

Dear person bicycling on the sidewalk, thank you for using the sidewalk. But next time could you keep two hands on the bike, and not drink your Starbucks drink while biking.

Dear person jaywalking in the dark of night, I hope you find a light. Maybe next time try crossing at the cross walk with a protected walk…

Dear person blaring your music right next to me, hello! Can you hear me? I pray you won’t lose your hearing. Hope you enjoyed the thrill…

Dear person driving the school bus that sped past me and cut in front of that truck. I hope you realize that those kids lives are in your hands, please be mindful…

And lastly, dear person reading, I’m glad you chose to stay. I hope you learn something today, be safe my friends. I love you always.

❤ Mandie



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