5 day song quote challenge!

Here it is, day 3! We have hit the half way mark! 🙂 Let jump right on in with the rules again.

-Post a different song quote for 5 consecutive days

-Post what the song quote means to you (optional)

-Post the song from which the quote is from

-Nominate 2 new bloggers every day of the challenge

-Have fun! 🙂

Now let’s go!

My third quote is from Jasmine Murray’s song Fearless.

“Bring on the unknown, Lead me and I’ll go. You set me free, God I’m gonna be. FEARLESS!”

What this lyric means to me: Well first of all if you want a deeper answer go and see this post. Basically this lyrics reminds me that with God I don’t have to be afraid. So bring on the unknown, lead me and I’ll go, because I’m FEARLESS with God by my side.

And lastly here are the nominees for today!

1-Katie at katiescottagebooks

2-Dainty M at Dainty M blog

Thanks for reading everyone!

❤ Mandie


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