We are never strong enough to walk alone.

This past year has truly been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life so far. To read more click here!

One of the biggest things I have learned is how important it is to have people who support you. To start off, my family never once failed to encourage me in my pursuit of music and following God’s path for my life. They were always there for me and with me.

Next, are all my friends, who constantly encouraged me, inspired me, supported me, and lifted my spirit when I felt down. They also pushed me to be who God’s made me to be, and they wouldn’t let me quit! They were always there for me!

And lastly, but most importantly, God! God was always there, always caring for me, revealing Himself to me, even if I was too distracted to see or hear Him.

And here is what it came down to: we will never be strong enough to walk alone. At some moments throughout the year I felt I didn’t need anyone, and I didn’t want anyone to help me. But in reality, I needed family, friends, and God more than anything else!  Their support got me through to this piont in my life and will continue to push me through to the end.

There will never be a point in your life when you don’t need friends, family, or God. No matter how strong you feel, you will always need people supporting you. Look at the president of the U.S. Even though he is the president, he still has people helping him. (Now please DO NOT turn this into a political discussion! It’s just an example!) No matter how powerful you are you will always need someone supporting you. And the only One who will never fail you and will ALWAYS be strong enough, is God. Rest in His strength, and trust in His amazing plan!

Thank you for reading!





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