Merry Music Monday!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone’s day is filled with family, love, and the joy of remembering our Savior’s birth! The song I have for y’all today is Christmas Makes Me Cry. This song touches my heart every year. While you listen to this song try praying for whoever it brings to mind. Just pray. Sometimes this song makes me cry, other times it makes me laugh or smile. No matter where you are in life, right now, lift up a prayer and thank the Lord for the blessing of His Son, who came in a lowly manger to die a brutal death on the cross. Most people at Christmas just focus on the birth of Jesus. I say let’s start looking at the bigger picture. The reason Christ came and was born of a virgin was to save us from our sins. Thank God today for the blessing brought to us in the form of a little child.

(I own nothing! All credit and rights go to Matthew West and Mandisa and producers)


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