Music Monday!

Hello my lovely friends! I am bringing you another Christmas song today! I hope y’all don’t mind! 🙂 I love this song and it has been on my favorites list for a while now. Sometimes I fail to stop and actually realize why I am singing the words I sing though. Imagine a young child, who hears of a King, and brings His only gift he has. He arrives to the King and suddenly feels inadequate with his gift of playing his drum. “I’m only a child, not learned enough to play for this King!” the child says as he sees the gifts others have brought to the King. Gold, Frankincense, even Myrrh! But he gains enough courage to play something, pu rum pum pum pum, he plays. The King smiles grateful for the gift of a Child. Such a humble heartfelt gift.

I believe we can apply this song to our lives throughout every year not just at Christmas time. Everyday we should ask ourselves this question. Did you bring God your best today? Even if it is something as simple as playing an instrument, singing, doing homework, or going to work, did you bring your best? Give your heart to God and the Little Drummer Boy gave his everything.

(I own nothing! All rights go to For King & Country and producers)


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