2017 Goals How many did I accomplish?

Today I am going to recap the goals that I made for 2017 and see how many I accomplished! I only made 11 goals last year, and I accomplished most of them! Here they are:

  1. Grow deeper in my wisdom of the Bible, and deeper in my relationship with God. I can really tell that I have grown spiritually. 2017 was a tough year, but that made me stronger.
  2. Exercise regularly No, I didn’t work out everyday, but I actually worked out a lot more than I thought I would! And I feel stronger each day!
  3. Eat healthier Okay, now you’ve got to go easy on me with this one! I went to college okay! ;D
  4. Find a college I found the best college ever! I am so excited for what the next few years hold!
  5. Go to church camp I went to church camp with the best youth group ever!! 😀
  6. Make the most of every moment I feel like I could have done better at this one, but I will always be working on this!
  7. Encourage/inspire someone My prayer every day is that I will be an encouragement to someone. I can honestly say I accomplished this one. Going off to college I was able to stay in contact with friends from back home and encourage them at different times. I also got the privilege to meet new friends and encourage them too. And in turn, they also encouraged me so so so much! ❤
  8. Write/compose a song I wrote a song for my friends! (And a few others songs, no one has heard) 😉
  9. Be a secret santa to someone who doesn’t know me. Sadly I didn’t get to do this one, but maybe this year!
  10. Post more on my blog I am so happy I have been posting more on my blog this year! The past few months I was absent because of college, but other than that I did pretty good!
  11. Plan a fun girls night I did have the opportunity in April the help plan a fun girls night for the girls in my youth family!

What are some goals that you accomplished in 2017? And what do you hope to accomplish this year?

❤ Mandie


5 thoughts on “2017 Goals How many did I accomplish?

  1. Wow! Thank God you were able to accomplish most of your goals, Mandie! I’m so happy for you. Well, one of my goals was to find a university and a course for my Masters and I’m glad I ticked that off. Still on it but 2018 is a very hopeful year! Wish you the best ahead!

    1. Thank you! It was a great year!
      That’s exciting! Glad you have it underway now! Hope that you will be able to fully accomplish it this year!
      ❤ Mandie

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