Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Quotes For Friends Happy Valentine Day Quotes For Friends With Images Hug2love

Happy valentines day everybody! Today can be a sentimental, happy, or sad day for people. Some people call it the lovers day, others call it single awareness day. In whatever boat you are in I want to share my thoughts about valentines day.

I love pretty much any holiday, but for a long time valentine’s day stumped me. I thought it was just for those who have lovers (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife). I’m single by the way! WOOP WOOP! And proud of it! But after a while I started viewing this day differently. I started realizing that love doesn’t have to come from a boyfriend, husband, etc. This valentines day if you are not in a “special” relationship there are still ways for you to celebrate!

I started realizing that valentines day to me means friendship. I still love giving my friends valentines and cute little gifts. My friends mean so much to me, and I don’t know where I’d be without them! I take valentines day as a day to remember and share my love to my friends. Friendships are a so amazingly beautiful gift! I choose to make valentines day into a type of friendship appreciation day! Tell a friend you love them. Even more, show them.

People joke and sometime are serious about being alone on valentines day, and how it reminds them about their aloneness. But here’s the thing. You are never alone! First of all, look around you! You have people that care for you and love you! Family, friends, co-workers maybe. Show your love to them instead of wishing you had a “special someone”. And most importantly God is with you! You don’t have to feel alone. And you won’t feel alone if you find all of your satisfaction in knowing and loving Christ! God loves you SO MUCH! He sent His one and only Son to die for your sins before you were even made! How amazing is His love! Wherever you may be this valentines day; remember that you are SO LOVED!

All Glory to the Ultimate Lover to All!


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