The potato page (more commonly known as the My Fav’s page) is here for you! This is the page where I will share some of my favorite things, you can also comment any time to ask me one of my favorites things that you want me to post! So have fun with it! I’ll start out by explaining the name of this page. I wanted to make this page all me…and it is! So look below to find out why! 🙂 I’ll try to add a new one each week so keep checking back! Thanks!

Favorite Food: POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!! (No I’m not kidding) 😉

Favorite Dance Move: Freezing (like in the middle of a song, hope that counts!)

Favorite Pie: Either Peanut butter or Key lime

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake!

Favorite Singer: Duh! Jamie Grace!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Animal: Sea Turtles!

Favorite animated movie: The Secret Life of Pets!

Favorite non-animated movie: McFarland USA.

Favorite Cartoon Character: OLAF!!!!!!!!! 😉

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Animal Print: Giraffe

Favorite spread on toast: Peanut butter, or pumpkin butter!

Favorite kind of pet: Dog!

Favorite Song: At the moment it is Better than I found it by Danny Gokey. 🙂

Favorite YouTuber: Bratayley

Favorite Chirstmas Song: Mary Did You Know? or The Little Drummer Boy

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