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Music Monday!

Happy Monday my lovely friends! Tauren Wells recently came out with his first album! I am so excited to share one of his songs with y’all! The song I will be sharing with y’all today is the song Known. This song is such a great reminder of being fully known by God. Whenever we go astray, He always keeps pursuing us! It’s so hard to understand how much He loves us, because His love is everlasting and never fails! But never forget that you are fully known by the One who truly loves you and calls you His! (I own nothing! All rights go to Tauren Wells and producers!)

❤ Mandie

Happy Blogiversary mandiesworld!

Today mandiesworld is 4 years old! Wow! One more year and it’ll be five years since this journey started?! I am so incredibly thankful for all of y’alls support these past 4 years. Thanks for sticking with me! I hope y’all have been encouraged and blessed by everything I have ever posted! I would love feedback from anyone! Now on to more adventures! 😀

❤ Mandie

Music Monday!

Good morning lovely friends! Here is Jeremy Camp’s new song Defender! Here is what this song means to me. God is our defender. He will never leave us alone and will always be there to protect us! We are saved by the Blood of Jesus! I pray this song will encourage someone today! (I own nothing! All rights go to Jeremy Camp and producers!)

❤ Mandie

We are never strong enough to walk alone.

This past year has truly been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life so far. To read more click here!

One of the biggest things I have learned is how important it is to have people who support you. To start off, my family never once failed to encourage me in my pursuit of music and following God’s path for my life. They were always there for me and with me.

Next, are all my friends, who constantly encouraged me, inspired me, supported me, and lifted my spirit when I felt down. They also pushed me to be who God’s made me to be, and they wouldn’t let me quit! They were always there for me!

And lastly, but most importantly, God! God was always there, always caring for me, revealing Himself to me, even if I was too distracted to see or hear Him.

And here is what it came down to: we will never be strong enough to walk alone. At some moments throughout the year I felt I didn’t need anyone, and I didn’t want anyone to help me. But in reality, I needed family, friends, and God more than anything else!  Their support got me through to this piont in my life and will continue to push me through to the end.

There will never be a point in your life when you don’t need friends, family, or God. No matter how strong you feel, you will always need people supporting you. Look at the president of the U.S. Even though he is the president, he still has people helping him. (Now please DO NOT turn this into a political discussion! It’s just an example!) No matter how powerful you are you will always need someone supporting you. And the only One who will never fail you and will ALWAYS be strong enough, is God. Rest in His strength, and trust in His amazing plan!

Thank you for reading!




Why I like Danny Gokey

Hello lovely friends! I have a slightly different post today!

Y’all know I love music, and if you are new to my blog (WELCOME!) you will soon learn that music is my passion! Jamie Grace has always been my favorite singer, until the past few years. But don’t y’all worry, Jamie Grace is still a close second! Now another artist, Danny Gokey, has RISEN (let me know if you got the pun!) to the top, at least for now! You may think I like him for many different reasons, such as his voice, his looks, or the fact he was on American Idol. But you’d be wrong. It’s because of his music, plain and simple answer right? Wrong again. Let me explain!

The very first time I heard Danny Gokey on the radio, I immediately had to find out who he was and what song it was. I found the song (Hope in Front of Me) and then researched Danny Gokey. I read his story (and you can read it too, here) and I was very inspired and fell in love with his heart. Continuing on until now, I have seen him in concert a few times and he still inspires me. There has never been a time when I have not felt encouraged by his music.

He is one of many singers who have been an inspiration to me in my journey to use my voice for God. I pray that someday I will be able to just sit down and talk with him about music and using it for the glory of God. And be able to thank him for what an encouragement his music has been in my life personally. I also pray that I might have the opportunity to sing with him someday…I get chills just saying that! Anyway, these are the reasons I like Danny Gokey. Not because of how he sounds, or looks, or what his past was. No, its because of how his music has impacted me, encouraged me, and pushed me in my faith. And for his heart and passion for God.

I feel something when he sings. It feels like God is directly speaking to me through his music. And that is my prayer for me! That when I sing people won’t see me or hear me. I want people to hear God and be drawn closer to Him when I sing. Less of me, More of Christ!

Have you heard Danny Gokey’s songs? If so, which is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

❤ Mandie

Music Monday!

Hello my lovely friends! Here is a song from For King And Country called O God Forgive Us. What this song means to me is this; we are crying out to God to forgive us for all the mistakes we make. And boy do we make a lot! I hope this song encourages you to take a minute (or more!) and ask God to forgive you for anything you have done against His will. (I own nothing! All rights go to For King and Country, KB, and producers!)

❤ Mandie

Music Monday!

Here is a song from Mercy Me called Even If. This song really spoke to me when I just stopped and listened to the words of the song. Here is what I got out of this song. God is our only hope. He is there with us through the fire and through the storm and we will never be alone. It is well with my soul!

One lyric that hit me deep was, ‘It’s easy to sing when there’s nothing to bring me down.’ I have felt this strongly this past year. Sometimes when I would go up to help with worship, if I didn’t feel happy it was harder for me to truly sing. I want to be able to sing through the fire and the storm, through the hills, and the valleys! (I own nothing, all rights go to the MercyMe band and producers!)

❤ Mandie

Music Monday!

For this week’s music Monday song we have Still by Hilary Scott. I love this song for the beauty of it and the meaning. All God needs us to do is be still. In this crazy world we too often stay so busy, when God is calling us to just be still and listen. Take some time this week to be still and listen to what God is saying. (I own nothing! All rights go to Hillary Scott and producers!)


Camp 2017 Recap!

Church Camp this year was something I have looked forward to since the beginning of the year! I was literally counting down the months, weeks, days, and even hours! This year we went to a camp we have never been to before. Now at first we were all a little hesitant about going to a different camp, but personally I had a really good feeling about this camp before we even went. The camp theme was HIS VOICE.

Here is the condensed version of my experience at Camp!

Day 1- I felt God.

Day 2- I saw God.

Day 3- I heard God.

Now for the extended version!

Day 1– On this day we arrived at camp around 3:00pm. Worship, and then service by Jeanne Mayo were at 7 or 8pm (I can’t remember). Jeanne spoke about ‘Freedom from the Father-Wound’. Basically the point she was making was the fact that sometimes we can attach our feelings toward our earthly father, to our Heavenly Father. God is trustworthy, even when your earthly father isn’t. God is the best parent ever! You don’t even need to earn His attention, you already have it!

This night I really felt something, but I wasn’t sure what it was at the time. I sat in the room after pretty much everyone left and just listened. So the first night I felt God moving.

Day 2– This day we had lots of activities in the morning and then at 2:00pm we had service again. Jeanne now spoke about ‘A Call for Ambulance Drivers’. The point for this lesson was we need to be like ambulance drivers as we run our race. Our goal doesn’t necessarily need to be to save them right then and there, but to get them where they need to be. Do something with your life for eternity! You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there! You cannot change the world until you let God radically change you! Read that one more time! She had so many great points in this service!

This night I saw something so beautiful! I watched as many students gave their lives to Christ, or even openly said they were faltering in their walk right now. I saw all of our youth family members worshiping their faces off (as we like to put it). It made me SO happy and proud to watch them feeling the presence of God. Yes I cried, because I was seeing God move.

Day 3– This day was pretty much the same as day 2, the set up of it and all. Jeanne ended it all off with a service entitled, ‘Friday Night Lights’. Basically, what is the light in your life? We all have a story behind the lights. Play through the pain of your story! Stay underneath God’s light. You will never learn to pray if you stop when you don’t feel like it. Faith is often spelled RISK.

This last night I had the best experience. During the end when music was playing they invited anyone, who wanted to step up and step out in their faith, to come up to the front. I knew in that moment I needed to move. I went up front and they started to play worship songs. And yes the tears started to fall again. And that is when I heard God!

Maybe it wasn’t an audible voice, but I truly believe that I heard God speaking to me personally in my life. I feel like God told me to let go. Let go and let God. I tend to hold on to my past, my fears, or my insecurities, when I should be holding onto God. One song we sang really stuck with me. It Is Well by Bethel. Here is the bridge of the song:

‘So let go, my soul, and trust in him, The waves and wind still know His name.’

As I move on from chapter to chapter, my prayer is that I will let God do what He is capable of doing in my life. I am so blessed to have had the privilege of going to this camp for my last camp experience (as a camper). I have the most amazing youth family EVER! I know y’all are reading this! ❤ ❤ ❤ I saw all of y’all grow in your lives and relationships with Christ this past weekend. Don’t let this be the end of the “God encounter”! Keep on striving for God, and I promise y’all will not regret it!

❤ Mandie

P.S. I think I got dehydrated from all the crying…LOL