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Field of Flowers Nominees

So I’ve been gone over the weekend and found out that Em (from icedmocha34.wordpress.com) nominated ME for this award! I am so grateful! Not just for Em but for all of my amazing followers, you guys rock! Drum roll please! Here they are!

The rules for accepting the Field of Flowers Award are…
▪Thank the blogger who nominated you;
▪Place the award on your own blog;
▪Nominate 7 other bloggers and write a little something about why you would give these bloggers “A Field of Flowers”;
▪Let your nominees know that you nominated them.

1.Proverbs 31 teen

I didn’t nominate you just because you’re my sister, but because you are so inspiring! I love absolutely everything you post! You make your blog for teenagers like me that need a little inspiration each and every day, and you keep it fun and interesting! You truly show Jesus through your stories!

2. Iced Mocha 34

I absolutely love all of your stories even the ones that I probably forgot to read, I’m sure! I have been inspired by your blog and you many times, my Leeland loving friend! Keep on inspiring, and going to God for inspiration!

3. iChristian

I can not say how much I love your blog! It give me inspiration everyday! And I absolutely love your music videos page, because I love music, too! You are such an inspiration, you inspire me. So thank you so much, i Christian!

4. Pfensi Music Blog

Thank you so much for posting all of the wonderful music! I am a music lover and it helps me find new Christian music to inspire me.

5.Amanda Christine

Whenever we go out the people always shout….hey there’s Amanda! Just kidding! Everything you post, I can tell is God speaking through you. Love it all!


I love that you post tons of music! Take it from a music lover! Plus you post about Jamie Grace! I can tell you want to show Jesus through every post. Thanks!


You are such a great drawer and I love that you are sharing it with all of us! Just keep drawing, just keep drawing…LOL!

Thanks to everyone of you!


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