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Book Review!

I think this is my first book review, so I hope I do a good job. Let me know any improvements that I can make for future book reviews! The book’s title is ‘Smart Girl’s Guide to God, Guys, and the Galaxy‘ by Susie Shellenberger & Kristin Weber. I was really excited when I found this book at Family Christian! I had seen it advertised in the old Sisterhood Magazines. It is composed of 101 tips about anything and everything that a teen girl could want! At the end of each of the tips there are three or four different sections.

The first one is called ‘From God’, and they put verses that apply with each one of the tips in this section. The next section is called ‘Go Ahead-Answer’ and there they have question for you to think about. And the last ones are ‘From Susie’, and ‘From Kristin’ sometimes both of them are one there, but other times it’s just one. In those sections they just say something funny or give advice from their experiences.

I really enjoyed this book, just as a reading book, but you could also do it as a devotional or do it with some of your girlfriends! I would give this book 5 stars! Have you read this book? Let me know what you thought about it! Thanks for reading!


   As teenage girls we need to be like bluebonnets. Now for those of you who don’t know what bluebonnets are, they are the Texas state flower, and my favorite flower too, because I live in Texas. The thing with bluebonnets (and other state flowers) is that you cannot touch them, pick them, or anything, or you could get fined. So find another souvenir! Anyway, so why do we need to be like bluebonnets? Well, we need to be pure. As we are tempted to date and get close to boys, we need to fight the temptation and wait. I know that is really hard, because we want everything know. But do you want to ruin, God great plan for your life? I know I don’t! I believe we as teenage girls need to prepare for our future husbands, by staying pure and not giving any part of us away to any other male that we meet. And in the time of waiting we have God to help us, not that he will go away after we get married. Now here is something to get you girls motivated. Look up verses in the Bible that have to do with keeping your heart  pure, you’ll be suprised at how many there are! 🙂

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God Bless,