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The Amazing You Tag!!! :D

Thank you so much Proverbs31teen for tagging me to do the Amazing You tag! My second blogiversary is coming up soon, too! Let’s get on to the questions! (My answers are bolded so that you can follow easier!)


1. You’re on a deserted island, and you find a cave. What would you expect to find in it? Well, I would probably want food or water, if I’m on a deserted island! So I guess food or water!

2. If you could have one superpower, which would you pick? Teleportation! Because I hate being late to places, so that way if I’m late, or almost late to something I could just teleport there!

3. What one song would you choose for the theme music for a movie about your life? Through All Of It by Colton Dixon. It is such a powerful song, but knowing me it would probably change a couple million times…. 😀

4. You can only wear one color for the rest of your life. What color would you pick? Only ONE color!?! I’d have to say blue, because there are so many different shade of blue, plus that includes blue jeans!

5. What’s one thing you want to do that’s wild, crazy, or unusual? I want to be on American Ninja warrior when I’m old enough!!!!!!

6. If you had to give a speech to the whole world for five minutes, what topic would it be about? Probably about not letting anyone change who you truly are, or how Jesus loves everyone no matter who you are! Most likely the second one though…

7. You get to have lunch with any three famous people, present or past! Who would you pick? You’re making me think to hard, just give me a minute….Only three? Hold on…Okay this was way to hard, because I would want to have lunch with ANY Christian Music Artist! But I finally decided I would have lunch with, Bethany Hamilton, Jamie Grace, and Gabby Douglas! There are so many more that I would love to meet, but I’ll just stick with these three!

8. What is your favorite smell, and why? Fresh baked cookies, bread, muffins…why? Because they smell so good!!!

9. Share one of your favorite quotes. I don’t really have a favorite quote…but I’ll find one! Okay here’s one that I found by Mr. TobyMac, ‘Be Kind. For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Battle You Know Nothing About.’

10. Give us two true statements about yourself and one false statement, and see if your followers can guess which one is false. Okay here are my three statements:1. I live in the south, 2. I love exercising, 3. I’m great with computers. You figure out which of the three is the lie and which two are the truths! Have fun!


Thank you all for reading this! Bye for now!